New Water Treatment System Thorsens for 120 m3/hr in Sunds Denmark

Solids Technology has successfully started up a new water treatment system at Thorsens Chips Kartoffler in Denmark. Thorsens started washing and electronically sorting their potatoes in 2002. At that time it was something completely new in the market. To remain the best in their market and to meet future growth Thorsens invested in a brand new industrial building with two new washing, sorting and polishing lines for 60 tonnes/hr each. 
After washing, the potatoes go into a clay bath to select the glazy potatoes form the good ones. To keep the water clean Thorsens invested in a ultra modern water treatment system, made by Solids Technology. The system separates sand, clay and organics from the water. After treatment the water will be reused for washing the potatoes and the clay is used for filling the clay bath. With this state of the art water treatment system from Solids Technology, Thorsens remains the best in their market.