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Below is our company's latest news and press articles.

  • COVID-19 Company Update 19/03/20An update regarding Kent's continuity of business whilst maintaining the highest level of safe practice regarding COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 Company Update 30/03/20The latest Company Update regarding the latest government guidelines on COVID-19 with direct address to Architects, Consulting Engineers, End Client Specifiers, Building Contractors and Suppliers.
  • Current Reasearch & DevelopmentSolids Technology has developed a mobile unit that is currently under performance testing
  • Current Vacancies at Kent StainlessVacancies in the form of:
    Trades - 1.Metal Fabricators 2.M.A.M.F (Fitters) 3.Sheet Metal Workers
    General Operators -1.Packaging and dispatch. 2.Metal Finishing. 3.Material preparation and handling.